You can donate to the Craig Kelly Fund, which is set up for snowboarders pursuing a career in guiding or avalanche protection to assist them with furthering their training.

Register for the 2021 Canuck Splitfest will open online soon, please check back.

Thanks a lot for your stoke and see you soon!

While we are still fine tuning the layout of our first Virtual Canuck Splitfest, we can promise you’ll see the same great brands that will introduce you to the latest technology. We will also be introducing a mentorship panel and have trip planning speakers series including Matt McDonald on “Long Range Weather Forecasting” and so much more to come. All proceeds go to supporting Avalanche Canada’s public avalanche safety programs.

After paying the registration fee for the 2021 Canuck Splitfest, please fill out this registration form below to give us an idea of your ability level and background knowledge.